UPM-Kymmene shows extensive office paper offering at Paperworld

Archive 1.1.2003 0:00 EET

UPM-Kymmene will be present for the third time at Paperworld (January 25-29, 2003), one of the world's most important fairs for office supplies and paper.
At Paperworld, UPM-Kymmene will show an extensive range of papers for office communications on an even larger stand (160 m²). The clear focus is on the office paper brands Yes and Future, both with extended ranges.
For the first time, UPM-Kymmene also presents a range of preprint papers at Paperworld, which was restructured and rebranded in October last year. Moreover, UPM-Kymmene's newly founded Digi Business & Competence Centre is present at Paperworld, showing a range of five digital printing papers. Walki Wisa, a subsidiary of UPM-Kymmene, presents a range of photorealistic papers for Large Format Printing and A4 desktop printing.

Yes with extended SoHo range
The Yes range, targeted at the needs of private consumers and the SoHo market, has, since its market launch in 1999 been continuously expanding. In 2002, two high-quality papers were introduced for demanding inkjet and laser colour applications. In addition to the traditional 500-sheet-reams, UPM-Kymmene had also introduced a SoHo range with six different qualities in small packs. At Paperworld 2003, UPM-Kymmene presents an even larger SoHo range, having included additional photorealistic papers in clearly differentiated quality segments:
Yes professional photo paper, a microporous paper with genuine photo feel in ultra-glossy and satin finishes, instant dry
Yes premium photo paper, a resin coated paper with genuine photo feel in glossy, semi-gloss and satin finishes, quick dry
Yes photo paper: a cast coated paper with glossy finish, instant dry.

"We want to make life easier for consumers who want to print out their digital photos but don't know which paper to choose," explains Herbert Hennig, Marketing Director Graphic Sheets and Office Papers at UPM-Kymmene. "That is why we structured our photo paper range according to three clearly differentiated quality levels." Moreover, UPM-Kymmene introduces with Yes Heavyweight paper a paper with extra smooth surface for modern colour inkjet and colour laser printing.
The SoHo range packaging has been redesigned and now features a solid, flush right design to optimise its display in shop shelves.

"We are one of the very few paper manufacturers that produce and offer such a wide range of paper, including qualities for high-volume copying or printing as well as special colour inkjet or laser papers and even photorealistic papers," says Peter Ahlbom, Vice President Office Papers.

Future for b-to-b
The Future range is designed to meet the varied needs of those who use paper in their daily professional life. It includes paper for mass copying, multifunctional and top quality papers and has also been extended to special colour inkjet or laser papers last year. This year at Paperworld, UPM-Kymmene presents with Future phototech LFP a new photorealistic paper for Large Format Printing (LFP).

It has been designed for a wide range of business applications, from printing of posters, pictures, maps, art prints, marketing and advertising layouts. Thanks to its high UV-resistance and good lamination properties it can also be used outdoors. It is available in semi-gloss and silk finishes and is suitable for most of the market's LFP inkjet printers using dye-based inks.

Preprint for personalized business communication
In October 2002, UPM-Kymmene restructured and rebranded its preprint offering. The new UPM Preprint range now includes five qualities, all of which are targeted at different needs of personalised business communication, from high-volume printing to the most exclusive business forms. Preprint papers are used wherever documents need to be preprinted with standard elements such as company logos and addresses and then postprinted with personalized information, e.g. for invoices, bank account statements, or any other personalized letters.

"Companies nowadays put much more emphasis on the fact that their corporate design appears to the best advantage on all their business documentation," explains Peter Ahlbom. "With us, companies can cover many of their paper needs for office communication: we can offer them our Future papers for printing and copying and our Preprint range for all kind of personalised communication."

New creative strategies
The UPM-Kymmene stand also visualises the new creative concepts for Yes and Future, which are also carried out in all advertising, brochures, sales promotions, internet sites etc. "Yes is the brand for everyman, we play strongly on modern family life in all our creative work and we always do that with a good portion of humour," says Herbert Hennig. "We tell stories about everyday's love and war - and make people feel: Yeah, that's my life, my brand…"
The new Future creative campaign strengthens the futuristic image of the range: Future is placed in the space environment, showing that paper buyers can rely on high-tech quality. "We carried out a brand check just prior to Paperworld for both Yes and Future, and the results have proven the strong acceptance of our brands in the market, especially with regard to package design and brand names," emphasises Herbert Hennig.