UPM-Kymmene renews its preprint range

Archive 15.10.2002 0:00 EEST

As of October 2002, UPM-Kymmene offers an extended range of preprint papers. The UPM Preprint range comprises five qualities to suit different preprint applications from high-volume printing to exclusive business correspondence.
"We have chosen a new, clear brand strategy and renamed our products in such a way as to make them easily identifiable," explains Marc Ferry, Product Manager responsible for preprint papers at UPM-Kymmene Fine Paper. The new preprint range consists of the following five qualities, all of which are united under the umbrella brand UPM:
UPM PreLaser, a preprint paper for high-volume printing (80, 90, 100 gsm)
UPM PrePersonal, a quality preprint paper for all personalized business communication (80, 90, 100 gsm)
UPM PrePersonal+, a high-quality preprint paper for personalized business communication (80 gsm)
UPM PrePremium, a top class preprint paper for prestigious documents and exclusive communication (80, 90, 100, 110 gsm)
UPM PreInsert, a heavy weight preprint paper for special applications, e.g. the inserting of cards, heavy documents or mailings (120 to 170 gsm)
The qualities are suitable for laser systems, inkjet printers and, depending on the grade, for Scitex presses. They are moreover compatible with all folding and inserting machines.
UPM-Kymmene produces preprint qualities at three of its mills: at Papeteries de Docelles in France, at Kymi Paper in Finland, and at Nordland Papier in Germany. Preprint papers are used wherever documents need to be preprinted with standards elements such as company logos and addresses and then postprinted with personalized information, e.g. for invoices, bank account statements, or any other personalized letters.