Between photographic and bulk printing

Archive 14.3.2002 0:00 EET

UPM-Kymmene's two office paper ranges, Yes and Future, can satisfy all modern printing needs. Both ranges include high-resolution inkjet papers positioned between the photo-realistic inkjet papers and standard printing papers.
Yes Color inkjet and Future color inktech are premium-quality, pigmented, high-resolution inkjet papers capable of satisfying the most demanding of requirements when it comes to printing graphic designs, illustrations or presentations in colour. "Due to their high whiteness and excellent sheet formation both papers achieve outstanding colour contrast," says Herbert Hennig, UPM-Kymmene's marketing director for fine papers. "They are excellent for the detailed and pin-sharp reproduction of graphic design elements. They represent an inexpensive alternative for those who need to print large numbers of pictures and don't require the true "photograph" feel."

Unlike the heavier photo-realistic papers, Yes Color inkjet and Future color inktech are available in a grammage of 90 g/m². Future color inktech can also be obtained in 100 g/m² on request. Both papers are supplied in 500-sheet packs, and Yes Color inkjet is also available in SoHo packs containing 50 sheets.

"Over the past two years the inkjet market has grown at a dizzying pace," says Hennig. "The performance of inkjet printers has improved by leaps and bounds, enabling very good results to be obtained even on standard papers. At the high-quality end, of course, we now have photo-realistic papers. Yes Color inkjet and Future color inktech are positioned right in the middle, supplying an inexpensive alternative to the photo-realistic papers and a special paper for inkjet colour applications."