Yes and Future at Paperworld 2002

Archive 1.2.2002 0:00 EET

UPM-Kymmene presented its office papers Yes and Future for the second time at Paperworld in Frankfurt. The main topics at the UPM-Kymmene stand were new point of sales activities, creative marketing actions and a range of new products for special applications.
"We launched our Yes and Future brands two years ago to the market," explains Herbert Hennig, Marketing Director Office Papers at UPM-Kymmene. "Yes is the range for private consumers  and the SoHo market, Future for the professional consumer. By expanding both ranges by high-quality papers for colour and special applications, we have reacted to the current trends in the hardware market. Moreover, we could provide the retail business with creative ideas on how to present paper at the point of sale."

The photorealistic papers
UPM-Kymmene has reacted to the growth potential of digital photography and imaging with a range of photorealistic papers, which are developed and distributed by UPM-Kymmene's subsidiary WisaJet. The qualities are offered as A4 paper within the Yes range in small packs of 15 sheets and as a Large Format (LFP) quality. Both formats are available in semi-gloss and satin surfaces and the A4 paper also in glossy qualities.
Colour applications
UPM-Kymmene could also offer new qualities for colour applications within both ranges. The company has developed a premium paper with a pigmented surface for inkjet applications that lives up to the highest requirements in printing quality and colour brilliance.
Thanks to its ongoing research and development work, UPM-Kymmene could moreover present improved qualities for colour laser printing and copying. Thanks to the high whiteness and the even surface of the supercalandered paper, it achieves high-quality colour reproductions.
Small, user-friendly Yes packs
"The trend towards more high-quality papers requires new packaging offers," says Mr. Hennig. "We have therefore extended our Yes range by small packs with only 15 to 100 sheets per pack." UPM-Kymmene offers six qualities in these small packs - three photorealistic papers, one colour inkjet paper, one colour laser paper and one multifunction paper. These qualities are offered in attractively designed, user-friendly paper wallets. These special packages are handled by UPM-Kymmene's new Service Center, the NorService GmbH.
New display
UPM-Kymmene also showed how to present the Yes range attractively at the point of sale. It not only presented shelf systems and the well-known Yes display, but also a new display especially designed for the small packs of the Yes range.
Creative Marketing
With several examples, UPM-Kymmene showed what opportunities Co-Marketing and Co-Branding offer to the cutsize market. Especially for the trade fair, UPM-Kymmene links up with an exclusive Co-Marketing partner: the producer of an outstandingly fast sports car (0-100 in 4.1 seconds).
"At first glance, there is no obvious relation between our paper and this car, but this makes people curious," explains Mr. Hennig. "At second glance, visitors will have realised that both products are marketed under the Yes brand name. And there are even more common things - both products stand for fun and emotions. And when both images match each other, both brands benefit from the image transfer and bring each other new potential customers."
On the stand, UPM-Kymmene showed its support for the "Hand in Hand for Children" charity organisation. Visitors were able to purchase special posters printed "On Demand" on a large format printer, and the proceeds were given to the charity.
UPM-Kymmene's stand was around 50% larger this year than last year. During all five trade fair days, the UPM-Kymmene team was in active sales discussions with almost 2,500 visitors. In total, some 62,000 people came to the trade fair.