Axel Springer Verlag and UPM-Kymmene propose an environmental product profile for printing papers

Archive 30.3.1999 0:00 EEST

The study "User-Friendly Environmental Data for Paper Reels" will contribute to the usability of environmental information.
In order to present the environmental quality of printing papers in a more transparent way, the German publisher Axel Springer Verlag and the Finnish forest company UPM-Kymmene have developed a data sheet for environmental product-related information, "Product Related Profile (PRP)".
With their proposal the companies want to participate in the discussion and contribute to the development of product related sustainability reporting which is expected to complement the traditional environmental reporting in the future.
Product Related Profile (PRP) consists of 15 parameters, which indicate raw material and energy consumption as well as emissions per one tonne of printing paper.
The environmental burden of paper production has traditionally been illustrated by a list of complex parameters. Therefore the evaluation of the environmental quality at the product level has been very difficult. In the PRP project the number of parameters has been deliberately reduced to clarify the reporting. Five of the new parameters indicate raw material consumption, two parameters energy consumption and eight parameters indicate emissions into air, water and land.
The report includes practical examples of the Product Related Profile as applied to newsprint from UPM-Kymmene Stracel mill in France and magazine papers from UPM-Kymmene mills in Rauma, Kaipola and Jämsänkoski in Finland. The PRP is also applicable for writing papers.
"Our aim is to continue the ecological optimisation of the paper supply chain together with our customers, from forest to paper production, printing and recycling. The Product Related Profile is a positive contribution to this development", says Marja Tuderman, Environmental Coordinator for UPM-Kymmene Printing Papers.
The project report also includes a survey by Price Waterhouse Coopers, the international accounting company, underlining the growing importance of independent third-party verification in environmental issues.
For further information and for the full 62-page report "User-Friendly Environmental Data for Paper Reels" please contact the persons listed below:
Marja Tuderman, Environmental Coordinator, UPM-Kymmene Printing Papers, Helsinki Tel. +358 204 16 7681 E-mail:
Ulrich Neumann, Marketing Manager, UPM-Kymmene Sales GmbH., Hamburg Tel. +49 40 341 02 106 E-mail:
Florian Nehm, Environmental Coordinator, Axel Springer Verlag, Hamburg Tel. +49 40 347 26 157 E-mail: