Appointments in UPM-Kymmene fine paper

Archive 17.9.1997 0:00 EEST

As a part of the implementation of the fine paper alliance between UPM-Kymmene and the Singapore-based Asian Group APRIL, a new company named UPM-Kymmene Fine Paper will be established, incorporating Nordland Papier AG in Germany and Kymi in Finland. The following appointments have been made in the new company's management:
Mr Matti J. Lindahl (51), B.Sc. Econ., has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the company. At present, Mr Lindahl is Chief Executive Officer of Nordland Papier AG. Before joining Nordland, he was President of Wisaforest based at Pietarsaari, Finland, and before joining UPM-Kymmene, President of Finnboard, the export association of Finnish paperboard mills.
Mr Pehr-Eric Pått (52), Lic. Tech., has been appointed Vice President, Business Development and Environmental Affairs, of the new company. He is at present in charge of UPM-Kymmene fine paper division.
Mr Johan Furuhjelm (52), B.Sc. Econ., has been appointed Commercial Director. At present, Mr Furuhjelm is Vice President and General Manager of Kymi unit in Kuusankoski, Finland. Mr Ken Ehrnrooth (45), B.Sc. Econ., has been appointed Sales Director of the new company. He is at present working as Nordland Papier AG's Sales Director.
Nordland Papier's Technical Director Mr Jürgen Hoppe (58), M.Sc. Eng., has been appointed, in addition to his present position, Vice President, Technology and Research of the new company.
These appointments will become effective immediately. Mr Matti J. Lindahl and Mr Johan Furuhjelm will also continue in their present positions for the time being.