UPM Confidio heat sealable barrier papers - order sample package!


Heat sealable and recyclable barrier papers UPM Confidio™ Pro and UPM Confidio™

  • Heat sealable, ready-to-use barrier papers.
  • Designed to be recyclable in existing fibre recycling streams.
  • Good to excellent barrier properties: Moisture and grease resistance, mineral oil barrier.
  • Wide range of end-uses: for dry, frozen and greasy foods.
  • Certified for direct food contact.
  • Designed to perform in packaging lines.

Fill in your contact details and we will send you a free sample package of the new UPM Confidio packaging papers. The package will include a selection of printed and non-printed UPM Confidio Pro and UPM Confidio samples.

Heat sealable barrier paper
Food safe packaging paper
ecyclable barrier paper