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  • UPM supports care for elderly and people with disabilities in Valkeakoski and Jämsä with 20,000 masks
Story | 08/13/2020 10:22:48 | 2 min Read time

UPM supports care for elderly and people with disabilities in Valkeakoski and Jämsä with 20,000 masks

UPM Tervasaari ja Jokilaakso mills support local caregiving work for senior citizens and disabled people by offering 10,000 face masks for the City of Valkeakoski and 10,000 face masks for the City of Jämsä.

The work is carried out as part of UPM Group’s “Biofore Share and Care” program. On Tuesday 11th of August, representatives from UPM Tervasaari mill donated 10,000 masks to the City of Valkeakoski. The masks were donated to the city of Jämsä on Tuesday August 4th.

Over the past year, UPM has been actively involved in procuring face masks. We have made efforts to ensure the availability of masks for our own employees, as well as subcontractors and visitors at our sites. We have also offered the help of our procurement experts pro-bono. All UPM production sites around the world are offered the opportunity to support their local community by providing 10,000 facial masks free of charge. Each location can choose whom they regard as the most deserving local recipient. The masks are certified according to Type I EN.

”There has been limited availability of protective gear both globally as well as in Finland; I am sure there will be a continued need for masks”, says Laura Remes, General Manager of UPM Tervasaari Mill. “At our Tervasaari mill, we have implemented detailed measures to protect our employees from COVID-19. I am happy that we have the opportunity to also support our surrounding community by donating face masks. There would have been many deserving recipients for these masks; however, we wanted to support senior citizens, which is why we chose to donate these masks to the elderly care services of the city of Valkeakoski.

“While we have avoided severe outbreaks of COVID-19 in Valkeakoski, in Finland we can currently see a growth in cases” Tarja Laine, who is responsible for elderly care services for the city of Valkeakoski says. “At the moment we need face masks for nurses and visitors to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The city of Valkeakoski has over 250 senior citizens as customers in home care and 232 living in residential care units. Face masks should be changed to fresh ones after each customer, creating a strong demand for masks. In home care services alone, we make over 400 visits each day. This is why the donation is especially valuable for us”.

UPM is involved in many causes and community projects supporting sustainable development and the prosperity and welfare of the communities in which we are active. Our work on this arena is coordinated under the umbrella of our Biofore Share and Care programme. During the past spring, these donations, sponsorships and volunteer efforts have advanced the greater good both internationally and locally.