UPM LinerLoop release liner recycling

A truly circular solution that helps ensure your release liners don't end up as waste!


Be part of creating a circular economy in the label business

Consumers are increasingly voting for sustainability with their wallets; in Europe, for example, 92% of retailers expect demand for sustainable products to grow in the next five years. To help you address this demand, UPM is constantly looking for solutions that will take us closer to a future where every single packaging component can be recycled in a sustainable and efficient way.

UPM has created a solution to recycle used release base paper back to release liner production. In 2018 UPM Specialty Papers introduced UPM LinerLoop™, the first label release paper recycling solution which takes us towards a circular economy. With UPM LinerLoop you can take a step towards your recycling and zero waste targets.


How does UPM LinerLoopTM Work?

With UPM LinerLoop used release liners are collected and silicone is removed. The desiliconised release liners are then turned into pulp and used to produce new release base papers. The original raw material for all our release base papers comes from sustainably managed forests.



Our partners

To help achieve zero-waste targets across the value chain, we need industry-level contribution to recovering release liners. UPM has partnered with leading companies in the industry to boost the collection of used release liners. 



UPM Specialty Papers cooperates with Cycle4green to boost a circular economy in self-adhesive label industry


RafCycle by Raflatac


UPM is a member of CELAB - Circular Economy for Labels