Forestry and sourcing

A sustainable and stable supply of wood raw material is the backbone of our business.


It’s simple: no wood, no specialty papers. This is why promoting good forest management practices and guaranteeing full control over the origin of our wood is one of our priorities. We know our wood is legally harvested from forests where biodiversity and natural ecosystems are preserved. We safeguard the natural habitats of wild animals and plants living in the forests.


UPM forests in numbers

50 million
Trees planted every year
Wood from sustainable sources
Coverage of FSC® and PEFC™ Chain of Custody


We ensure sustainable forest cycle and healthy forest growth

1. Trees act as natural carbon sinks and carbon bound remains stored in our products

2. Planting new trees for every one cut down

3. Alternative solutions to fossil based materials

4. Renewable and recyclable products promote a circular economy

5. 100% traceability covered by a third party verified Chain of Custody


Our commitment to sustainable forestry

At UPM Specialty Papers we only use fibre from sustainable and known sources, which is why tracing the origin of our fibre is a prerequisite for us. UPM’s tracing systems and chain of custody cover the requirements for both PEFC™ and FSC® forest certification schemes worldwide and we meet the EU Timber Regulation, EU FLEGT,  US Lacey Act, Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation and other regional jurisdictions.


When purchasing papers from UPM Specialty Papers we promise:

  • We know the origin of our fibre, and our supply chain is 100% Chain-of-Custody certified.
  • We do not source pulp from tropical rainforests or plantations that were formerly rainforests.
  • We do not source pulp with wood harvested from indigenous lands.
  • The forests and plantations owned by UPM are 100% certified.
  • Our wood sourcing and forestry causes zero deforestation.
  • All the fibre we use will be 100% certified by 2030.

Ecolabels and certifications 

Environmental labels and certificates help you to identify products that meet certain standards. They are an effective way to prove and communicate the environmental quality of products and solutions. Currently nearly 85% of UPM Specialty Paper’s products are eligible for ecolabelling. Our goal is to reach 100% by 2030.


Building blocks of our sourcing practices

Our principle is not to compromise when it comes to responsible sourcing – this includes everyone at UPM as well as all our suppliers. Our transparent and systematic UPM Supplier and Third Party Code forms the basis for our supplier selection, interaction and performance evaluation processes.



Finland's fast-growing forests mitigate climate change


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