Release base papers

UPM Honey

High quality release base paper with excellent surface properties for paperbased faces. Provides constant performance day-after-day. Light yellow shade.

Key features

Providing a consistent performance day after day, the light-yellow shade UPM Honey is a release base paper for less demanding die cutting processes with only paper-based faces. This strong, transparent glassine release paper has good surface properties and is perfect for roll-to-roll applications. With its low silicone consumption, excellent quality stability, and low thickness variation, reliable converting is guaranteed.
For paper faces
Light-yellow shade
Reliable converting
Roll-to-roll applications

Product information

South America | Africa | Europe | Middle East
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Release base papers
End use
Converting method
Emulsion silicone coating | Solvent based silicone coating | Solventless silicone coating | UV cured silicone coating
Reel diameter (cm)
80,0 - 147,0
Reel width (cm)
50,0 - 230,0
Core (mm)
76,0 / 153,0
Note FSC™ and PEFC on request but subject to availability (FSC C014719, PEFC/02-31-80).

Technical target values

Please note: Technical values are informative and subject to production variations.


Product Compliance

BfR Food Certificate | FDA Food Certificate | EN 71-3: Safety of Toys

Fibre Certificates

FSC Chain-of-Custody | PEFC Chain-of-Custody

Mill Certificates

ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 22000 | ISO 45001 | EMAS

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