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Article | 07/10/2019 06:49:00

Did you know our products store carbon?

Trees act as natural carbon sinks. They bind and store carbon during their lifespan, and later on carbon bound by trees remains stored in our products – every label face and base, every roll of barrier paper, every sheet of fine and office paper.

When trees get older their growth slows down and ability to bind carbon decreases. After the trees are harvested the total carbon storage bound in the forest is reduced. To balance this out, trees are always replanted and the young forest starts storing carbon again. A new cycle begins.




UPM_Icon_PLANTING_outline_RGB (2).png

50 million

The number of new trees planted by UPM annually



900 kg

Amount of carbon dioxide in one cubic metre of wood biomass



2000 kg

If one cubic metre of renewable wood is used to replace products made from fossil materials,
the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is reduced by about two tonnes.


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Over 30 years

The average time carbon is stored in wood-based products



How we use forests sustainably

It is essential that 100% of UPM Specialty Papers’ wood raw materials come from the sustainably managed forests. What this means is we always know the wood is legally sourced and doesn’t contribute to deforestation. Forests remain as forests also in the future.

We foster best practices to ensure that forests’ age structure remain versatile and carbon storages are preserved both at local landscape and regional levels. Forested areas are nurtured so that they can continue to act as effective carbon sinks.