UPM paper range for packaging end-use - The Unique way forward

Archive 4.6.2012 12:16 EEST

(UPM, Helsinki, 4 June, 2012)  - After the sale of UPM’s packaging paper operations in its two mills in Pietarsaari (PM1) and Tervasaari (PM7), Finland, to the Swedish Billerud, UPM will continue producing one side coated (C1S) papers for packaging end-use in its Jämsä River Mills as before. Also all other existing paper grades for packaging end-use will remain available as before.

At the same time, UPM is renaming some of its packaging papers. The former UPM SwanCoat will be changed to UPM Unique coat. UPM’s newly launched barrier paper range, UPM SwanBarrier and UPM SwanBarrier light will be known in the future as UPM Unique barrier and UPM Unique barrier light.

“With the sale of our packaging operations in Pietarsaari and Tervasaari mills we needed to re-brand our remaining packaging paper offering. From now on, we will be using the UPM Unique name as an umbrella for our one side coated papers. UPM Unique is already a well-known brand and it is mainly sold to packaging end-uses. We can now concentrate on our C1S papers and build a portfolio under a well-known brand name. We have done a lot of development work on our C1S grades, and now it really starts to show,” says Jaakko Nikkilä, VP, UPM Converting sales.

UPM Unique papers for packaging end-use

UPM Unique is a packaging paper with excellent surface properties, especially developed for rotogravure printing. Its main end uses are biscuit and other food wrapping areas, chocolate wrapping, foil-stamping, PP/PE coating and laminating base and soup pouches. UPM Unique lux is an extremely high gloss packaging paper for demanding printing. UPM Unique coat is a packaging paper combining excellent surface and strength properties for high-quality products. Its main end-uses are soup pouches.

UPM Unique barrier range is a newly launched product range. The barrier papers have  functionalities no paper has ever had. The barrier is made online and no PE-coating or fluorochemicals are used. It is done from renewable raw material and is recyclable or biodegradable. It has a good convertability, printability and runnability, and can be used with water and solvent based inks in flexo printing. UPM Unique barrier range is meant for products which need a water vapour barrier (UPM Unique barrier light) or a water vapour barrier and medium grease resistancy (UPM Unique barrier). The end-uses are bread bags, bisquit bags and toast wrappers.

To learn more about the UPM Unique barrier range go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qwKu_FqiL8 .

For more information, please contact:
Mr Jaakko Nikkilä, VP, UPM Converters sales, tel: +358 2041 50448 or jaakko.nikkila@upm.com

Pictures available: http://pet.upm-kymmene.com/?cart=4955-fellkhmcie&language=EN

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