“True Whiteness” – White is the colour in the new UPM Finesse campaign

Archive 21.5.2008 0:00 EEST

(UPM, Dörpen, 21 May 2008, 10 am) – White is currently the colour of choice among designers. The important role that paper plays in the visual representation of this colour will be demonstrated by UPM at drupa 2008, in the new UPM Finesse campaign entitled ‘True Whiteness’.

In North America and Japan, white is now the most popular car colour. Anyone currently furnishing their home will no doubt have noticed the predominance of white in everything from furniture to designer coffee machines. Even design classics that were traditionally made in black are now available in white or silver versions.

This fashionable achromatic colour presents paper manufacturers with a real challenge. Printed images of leather, linen or porcelain need to convey a clean and pure image and must therefore not appear to be grey or cream. “Every product needs a paper that can accurately depict its true colour,” explains Anke Böckmann, Brand Manager for Graphic Paper, in relation to the importance of paper.

An important criterion when it comes to realistic reproduction of the colour white is the whiteness of the paper. “UPM Finesse paper has a chromaticity range that produces extremely true-to-life images that require only minimal adaptation in pre-press,” says Böckmann. Its comparatively high level of whiteness ensures brilliant colour reproductions. Because whiteness is virtually identical in all paper finishes in the UPM Finesse range, reels and sheets as well as different paper finishes from gloss to matt can be combined.

The core element of the new UPM Finesse campaign is the 24-page Casa Blanca brochure, which features interior design images based on the ‘white’ theme. The visual effects of the colour white can be compared in the brochure on three different paper finishes (gloss, premium silk and silk). Matt and gloss varnishes are used in hybrid technology to further enhance their impact.