TARMO proceeds to final stage

Archive 14.11.2005 0:00 EET

The final stage of the rebuild of PM 8 is ahead. The project shuts down the papermachine at Tervasaari
at the end of January 2006 for three weeks. After the rebuild the capacity of PM 8 will increase by 45,000 tonnes
to a total of 175,000 tonnes. The whole project should be finalized by the end of February.

The customer stocks build up has proceeded well and customers will have paper enough and will be served
normally also during the shut down period. The extension parts of the building and most bases for the machines
and tanks are ready. The preparing works such as piping, electrical and automation wiring and preinstallations
of the machinery are done even to larger degree than planned initially.

Some parts of the process have been taken in use already and some will still be taken before the shutdown.
All this will ease the follow-through of the shutdown and ensure the successful start-up.

The personnel has been trained since autumn 2004 and the training will continue up until the shutdown.
It has included also visits to other paper mills of the company having technology similar to TARMO-project.

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November 14, 2005