UPM Miramichi kraft mill closing early

Archive 9.12.2004 0:00 EET

The kraft mill at UPM Miramichi's main complex began the process of permanently shutting down on December 8, 2004. The safe closure of the kraft mill takes three full days. On September 29, 2004, UPM announced a major restructuring at Miramichi facility in order to secure the facility's long-term viability. The program includes the permanent closure of Miramichi's aging kraft mill, effective January 31, 2005.

The local union (CEP Local 689 of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union) of UPM Miramichi will arrange a strike authorization vote on Friday, December 10. The union must give the Company 24 hours notice before striking, meaning the union could be in position to strike as early as Sunday, December 12. UPM had asked the union to extend from 24 hours to 72 hours the notice it gives the Company before striking, which would have allowed enough time for the safe closure of the kraft mill. The union, however, declined to agree to the additional notice, meaning that the run-down of the kraft mill had to be started prior to the union's strike authorization vote.

UPM, Miramichi
December 9, 2004