Converted mailing materials

Archive 1.1.2005 0:00 EET

In our main market areas in Europe we offer our envelope customers a wide product range covering papers as well as converted products for envelopes and pockets. Our customers can enjoy the most extensive variety of products in the market by combining good raw papers and converted products. Additional value for our customers is created through the well established and experienced UPM sales network and the wide and in-depth knowledge of packaging and barrier materials at Walki Wisa, a member of the UPM Group.

Our aim is to create long time commitment in our customer relationships. The idea is to provide our customers with well running grades and visually outstanding final products. We are also able to offer tailor-made solutions.

WisaMail Basic
- pe-coated papers for bubble envelopes
WisaMail basic is an extra strong mailing material for bubble envelopes, offering excellent protection for the delivery of fragile articles. The mailing material is available in a wide selection of color shades that can be combined with other mailing materials from UPM. The combination of paper with optimal stiffness and polythene with low melting temperature ensures good runnability. The smooth and glossy paper surface provides a good printing surface.

WisaMail Classic
- reinforced laminates for pockets and gussets
WisaMail Classic is a laminated, strong mailing material that withstands rough handling by postal and freight services. It has been developed especially for pockets and gussets. Thanks to the polyethylene component of the laminate, the final product provides a good barrier against moisture. A scrim reinforcement gives WisaMail Classic extra durability necessary in excessive handling.

New development of smooth and strong laminates
The focus of development has been to create good strength properties combined with a good paper surface. The new qualities have been developed together with UPM's envelope paper team and all papers used come from the UPM Mail family.

The market has shown keen interest, particularly in the growing field of e-commerce, where extremely strong mailing material is in high demand. The number of intercontinental mail shipments which require extra strong envelopes and bags is also increasing.