UPM orders the rebuild of Jämsänkoski paper machine from Metso Paper

Archive 28.1.2004 0:00 EET

UPM orders the rebuild of Jämsänkoski mill's paper machine 6 from Metso Paper. The paper machine produces uncoated magazine paper (SC). The rebuilt machine will go on stream during the first quarter of 2005.

The aim of the rebuild is to ensure the top quality position of paper produced by the machine. Due to the rebuild, the capacity of the production line will increase from the current 325,000 tonnes to 350,000 tonnes annually.

The delivery includes the renewal of forming, drying and press sections as well as new control systems for winders.

UPM's Jämsänkoski mill produces coated and uncoated printing paper and label paper. The mill has four paper machine lines with annual capacity of 840,000 tonnes.

For further information please contact:
Mr Erkki Puru, Vice President and General Manager, UPM, Jämsänkoski, tel. +358 40 548 5857
Mr Hannu Miettinen, Technical Director, UPM, Jämsänkoski and Kaipola, tel + 358 40 721 6426

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January 28, 2004