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The “Magic Triangle” of Fiber Based Packaging


Thank you for your interests in our APAC webinar – The “Magic Triangle” of Fiber Based Packaging
on Jun 15th (Tuesday), 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST.

We looking forward to an inspiring discussion with you.


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Webinar Agenda
June 15th (Tuesday), 11:00 ~ 12:00 UTC+8


Topic Presenter

Thebrand challenge

Ciaran Little,

Sustainability benefits and advantages for fibre-based packaging

Petteri Kalela, SVP, UPM Specialty Papers APAC

Co creation of fibre-based packaging across the value chain: How to meet performance requirements

Derrick Tay, Eric Ching, Will Killinger, Mika Uusikartano, Xia Xiaohui

How UPM guarantees food safety? (virtual mill tour)

Jue Wang
Senior Environmental Specialist, UPM Specialty Papers

Derrick Tay

Derrick Tay

Senior Manager Sales UPM Specialty Papers APAC
Eric Ching

Eric Ching

Technical Sales Manager UPM Specialty Papers APAC
Will Killinger

Will Killinger

Sales Manager UPM Specialty Papers APAC
Mika Uusikartano

Mika Uusikartano

Senior Manager, Product Portfolio Management UPM Specialty Papers ENA
Xia Xiaohui

Xia Xiaohui

Head of Business Development, Packaging Papers UPM Specialty Papers APAC
Jue Wang

Jue Wang

Senior Enviromental Specialist UPM Specialty Papers